November 29, 2023

Excitement for Invincible GG's Owner's Club at a Fever Pitch and Garners a Sellout for Maiden Superfecta NFT Sale

The Superfecta Collection's 1,234 AI-NFT Horses Were Snapped Up in Record Time, Paving the Way for an Electrifying Beta Game Test

BETHESDA, MD - (NOVEMBER 29, 2023) — Invincible GG (IGG), the groundbreaking pioneer in the AI-powered virtual sports ecosystem, is thrilled to announce the success of its inaugural NFT drop presale, which has completely sold out. The presale offered players and collectors an exclusive opportunity to acquire limited-edition NFTs showcasing rare and one-of-a-kind digital horses.

The maiden NFT drop showcased the remarkable Superfecta Collection of 1,234 AI-NFT horses, each distinguished by various grades, including a selection of the game's highest-quality and exceptionally rare NFTs. These digital assets can be nurtured, expertly trained, and raced on virtual tracks in the IGG metaverse, delivering an immersive, adrenaline-pumping, and potentially lucrative gaming experience like no other.

Invincible GG’s initial beta test will be open to NFT owners. The future public release will invite all horse racing aficionados and gaming enthusiasts to partake in their revolutionary game. This marks the first of numerous groundbreaking games, as Invincible GG integrates patented AI-powered simulation technology with cutting-edge blockchain technology to herald the next evolution in mobile skill-based and web3 gaming.

"We believe that our AI-powered NFTs will not only enhance the skill gaming experience for our owner-players by providing true ownership of in-game entities that can be developed and improved to drive profit for the players but will also open up new opportunities for engagement and interaction within Owner's Club,” said Jonathan Strause, CEO and Founder of Invincible GG.

Strause continued, “Owner’s Club is the first step in revolutionizing mobile competitive gaming. We're committed to staying at the forefront of innovation in the skill gaming industry, and this presale sellout is a testament to that level of excitement the web3 gaming community has for our innovative and differentiated gaming platform."

Looking ahead, Invincible GG promises a series of exciting events, including the release of additional AI-powered NFTs, the opening of Owner’s Club Breeding Market, the release of the IGG Gaming Token, and the issuance of an innovative Security Token offering participation in the success of the company for accredited investors. But, most importantly, IGG will enable thousands of players to participate in the Owner's Club game, where prizes valued at $100,000 will be on the line for participants.

For more information, visit the Owner’s Club website and follow IGG on X, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and Discord for the latest news and game updates.


About Invincible GG

Invincible GG is a competitive gaming platform technology company offering cutting-edge interactive virtual sports and games. Invincible GG delivers immersive and rewarding mobile skill gaming experiences with a unique blend of patented technologies. IGG leverages AI-powered athletes and advanced sports simulation to facilitate players competing with their gaming IQ, not their thumbs, establishing a new standard for competitive gaming.

Invincible GG leverages blockchain technology to provide genuine ownership of in-game entities, creating a transparent and open marketplace for all gamers. IGG's platform and events are BMM and Nevada Gaming Commission-approved, allowing legal wagering through partner casinos, tracks, and betting shops.

Invincible GG's first game, Owner's Club, delivers an authentic thoroughbred racing experience to mobile skill gamers. Visit and discover the future of competitive gaming.